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Municipal elections

The Dutch municipal elections will be held on Wednesday March 19th, 2014. As a resident of Delft you will choose a new city council. The council is the city’s highest governing body. From 7:30 a.m. till 9:00 p.m., you can vote at several polling stations in Delft, for instance at the City Hall on the Market Square and at the EWI faculty on the TU campus. In order to vote, you’ll need an ID and a voting pass. If you are not Dutch, please check Can I Vote 2014 to see if you’re eligible to vote in the municipal elections. If you are, then you will automatically receive a voting pass by March 4th at your Delft address. If you haven’t received one by March 5th, please bring your ID in person to the municipality office at the Phoenixstraat 16 before March 18th noon to receive a voting pass.

Political party D66

D66 (Democrats 1966) is a progressive liberal party. The ideas of D66 give testimony to the idea that true liberalism is social, because it strives for the greatest possible future and self-determination for all individuals. D66 politicians will always keep in mind the following five guiding principles:

  • Trust in people’s own power
  • Think and act internationally
  • Reward performance and share wealth
  • Work toward a sustainable and harmonious society
  • Cherish our civil rights and shared values


D66 represents people’s entrepreneurial spirit. The ideals of citizens who live here, who work here and who shape our city. We believe Delft is best served when people are encouraged to realize those ideals themselves. This means a local government which invests in education, in innovation, in sustainability, in health care and in democracy. Those are the five priorities of D66 for the local election on the 19th of March 2014.

It is through education that people can reach their full potential. We have already successfully reduced the number of school dropouts. We favour vocational training with promising job perspectives. School buildings should be healthy and sustainable environments. We are proud that, through our efforts, the first international primary school in Delft has recently opened its doors.

Delft: city of innovation
We are investing in Delft as a city of innovation. Innovation results in new businesses. Jobs should be provided at every level, along with as adequate housing. In particular, housing is needed for students, starters and highly skilled migrants. Our goal is a green, clean and safe city with a wide variety of cultural activities.

We are the party of sustainability par excellence. There should be ample parking space for bicycles at the train stations. We support the use of geothermic heating of houses in the Poptahof and the Spoorzone neighbourhoods. Citizens should be encouraged to conserve energy.

Health care
In 2014, health care will be decentralized to the local level. The national government has transferred responsibility for non-medical care to municipalities. D66 believes that caretakers should work hand in hand with the family and friends of the person in needs of care. We favour a personal budget which can be freely spent up to a certain amount, so that those concerned can make their own choices and set their own priorities.

Regardless of the topic, we consider it crucial to listen to ideas and initiatives that citizens in Delft bring forward. After all, this is what democracy is all about.

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