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Klimaatlezing: ‘The IPCC report and sea level change’ by Aimée Slangen

Woensdag, 6 oktober 2021 in Delft

Vanaf oktober start er een nieuwe reeks klimaatlezingen. De eerste wordt gehouden op woensdag 6 oktober om 20:00u. Lokatie: D66 Huis en via live stream. Tijdens die lezing zal Aimée Slangen meer vertellen over: ‘The IPCC report and sea level change’.

(Photo by Anneke Hymmen)

Klimaatlezing woensdag 6 oktober 20:00 u,

Locatie: D66 Huis en via live stream (klik hier voor de live stream):

This lecture will be in English

‘The IPCC report and sea level change’ by Aimée Slangen

In August, the IPCC sixth assessment report was published. The report is a comprehensive overview and assessment of the current state of climate science. During the lecture, we will first discuss the IPCC itself: what is IPCC, how does it work, and what is the procedure towards an IPCC report? Then, we will discuss the main findings of the report, with a focus on observed and projected changes in sea level. Which processes are driving sea-level change, and how will sea levels change in the future?  What are the potential consequences of sea-level rise?

About the speaker

Dr. Aimée Slangen is senior researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) in Yerseke. Her research focus is sea-level change, both in the open ocean and the interaction at the coast. With her research group, she aims to improve our understanding of sea-level change in the past, as well as making better projections for the future. She is Lead Author of the IPCC AR6 report, on Chapter 9: Oceans, Cryosphere and Sea Level Change.

More information:

Wanneer: woensdag 6 oktober

Tijd: 20:00u

Waar: Je bent welkom om de lezing bij te wonen in het D66 Huis, Oude Delft 102, Delft. De lezing wordt ook gestreamd, klik daarvoor op deze link.

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6 oktober


D66 Huis, Oude Delft 102, Delft
en via live stream